Love, Joy, Peace...
Pastor & Lady Balram
Bishop Robin Balram was born on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the Son of the late Rev. Balram Singh and Sumintra Singh. At the tender age of 12 years, he accepted Jesus as his savior and at the age of 17, accepted the call to ministry. Pastor Balram was involved in Sunday Schools and Missions in Rambert, Philippine, LaRomain, and Bamboo Villages. He completed three years of Bible school in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He accepted the call to pastor the Gasparillo Church of God of Prophecy in 1979 after serving as mission leader in Philippine for many years. He completed Bible School in Trinidad and has done several Bible Study courses, foundation and theology courses along with Pastoral counseling classes at various institutions in the USA. In 1990, his wife and family relocated to Maryland in the USA. After serving at Ellicot City COGOP for one year as the Assistant pastor, he was at the Frederick COGOP for nine years as the Co-pastor with Bishop Carey Cox, before accepting the pastorate at Rockville COGOP. In the 23-plus years, he has pastored at Rockville Cogop, the membership increased from 11 to 110 before the planting of a new church! The membership now stands at 62. Pastor Balram became a Bishop in 2006 at the International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy, held in Nashville, TN. Bishop Robin Balram has been married to First Lady Indra Balram for 46 years and from this union, the couple has four children and four gorgeous granddaughters, and one beautiful, handsome grandson!  Pastor's Message The ministry of the Rockville Church of God of Prophecy is that of meeting the people of our community at the point of their need. Jesus commanded His church to go into every traveled path and every obscure hiding place and urgently seek souls to come into fellowship with Himself.

We have received that directive from the Holy Spirit and are responding as He prepares us for the task. We are going into our world and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and He is changing lives from the youngest to the oldest. God is moving in the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit is feverishly setting everything in place for the return of the Son of God.

If you want to be a part of what the Holy Ghost is initiating, we invite you to come join with us as we seek God for the outpouring of Holy Ghost revival on our community, this city, this state, this nation and the world. Our prayer is, "God, let the river flow. Let it flow from the unfathomable depth of our AWESOME GOD".


Don’t lose heart, my people. God has not lost you. You matter. Your hopes and dreams matter. Your fears are neither mocked nor preyed upon by your Maker. 

He is not mean. He is not spiteful. He’s merciful and he loves you. Yes, you have an enemy but he’s no match for your Advocate.

I have lived 68 years & there are no few people in my life that I love with abandon and really do trust. I’m not bound up in suspicion. But I have found exactly ONE in whom I feel completely safe, completely loved, completely known and completely helped to pursue a holy life.

Meditating this morning on the powerful exhortation in Hebrews 10:23 where the Holy Spirit tells us to “hold on unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

There is such madness and chaos swerving around us in this era. Deafening noise. We don’t know if it will let up or not. 

But what we can know is this: the Lord will not let up. His hold on us is firm. We’re in his palm, safe and secure. His goodness and holiness cannot wear off. He is utterly incapable of unfaithfulness. 

In this day when everything is shaking and almost nothing about the landscape seems recognizable, brother and sister, hold on to the hope you profess. 

HOLD FIRM. Tighten your grip on that wheel. Straight ahead. We may feel we know absolutely nothing else but if we know Jesus, we know—I said we KNOW—we are held 

and nothing can snatch us out of his Father’s hand. 

We can know when we’re down and feel like the future is bleak that, no matter what, whether here or There, our best days are to come in the renewal of all things. As Jude wrote, we are beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ.

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